1. So

    the comic shop I’ve been going to the majority of my life is closing down on march 30.
    The old man who runs it is retiring.
    Which is awesome for him, he deserves it.
    But sucks for me because I need to now find a relatively close shop soon, so I can transfer my pull list & not lose any issues.

    and there are none that are Near me.
    Fucking #Texas

  3. (Filed Under):
    Things I take pictures of when I can’t sleep.

  4. File this under:
    “Things I do in stores”


  7. Astonishing Spider Woman Cosplay

    the beautiful Miss Kit Quinn 's masterful Jessica Drew cosplay.

    Cosplayer: Kit Quin

    Photographer: Rodney Brown

  8. Because our credit card machine is broken & I like doing shit like this.

  9. First Official Image of
    War Machine/Iron patriot/Detroit Steel/whatever, it looks cool but it’s not Norman.


  10. Ok, seriously,
    for a second i thought my mouthwash said “Antigravity”.

    Then in a quick few seconds I went from being perplexed to Excited & then was finally thrust back to lame reality.