1. because he is THAT awesome! by nebezial


    i’m so happy he drew Doctor Fate!!

    Loves me some Fate.

  7. So i Just passed the Legion of Doom.

  8. this is Sooooooo Cool !

    Justice League FanMade Trailer


  9. "New fighting game from NetherRealm Studios pits DC heroes and villains against one another in epic battles.” 

    Here is the Trailer for INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US.

    Plot reminds Me of the 3rd Superman/Batman arc call “Absolute Power”.
    ya know back when Jeph Loeb Wrote interesting/Compelling comics and didn’t have a Hulk Fetish. 

    Also i think HawkMan is a Requirement, considering the whole “ERRRRBODY GOTZ ARMOR!” Motif.

    The Flash Looks Dope, Juggalo-Harley Kinda Saddens Me, But its whatever.
    i hope Martian ManHunter is included, j’onn j’onzz needs some Video Game Love.

  10. Nathan Fillion Is GREEN LANTERN And Tim Daly Is SUPERMAN; As You’ve Never Seen Them Before!