2. Thor: The Dark World Trailer 

    Looks Wondrous.

  3. I remember seeing a trailer for this back in the latter half of 2010, it seem really interesting and looked rather moody/ominous, then it just disappeared, fell off my radar, & now almost three years later i catch it on Starz at 12 in the morning. And Holy shit was Take Shelter a good flick. I know I’ve said it before, but Shannon is a Hell of an actor. Jessica Chastain surprised me as well.

    on a somewhat related note here’s a new image of Shannon as General Zod in Man of Steel.

  4. tits-mcgeek:



    Medieval Batman and Aquaman Cosplay

    Armor by Samuel Lee

    Um, WHAT.

    all of the yes.

    (via kissmyasajj)

  5. so much Good Shit.

    there is a Silver Centurion Proxy on the left at the end.

    Just watch it.
    over and over & over.

  6. amazing Final Iron Man 3 poster

  7. Teaser poster for Iron Man 3

  8. First Official Image of
    War Machine/Iron patriot/Detroit Steel/whatever, it looks cool but it’s not Norman.


  9. ok, i know its Literally a Trailer for the “Trailer” but it still gives me a nerd boner.


    I’m hoping Rescue makes an appearance,
    Pepper in armor would make the movie.

    Here’s a screen grab

  10. First Glimpse Of Silver Samurai off the set of THE WOLVERINE.