2. Went & saw The Dark Knight Rises today. The film nerd in me was appeased, but the Rage filled ComicBook Nerd was screaming and stomping like a child in a chandy store about all the unnesssicary liberties took with some characters. But there where quite a few bits in the film that had (oddly) a very emotional affect on me. The one massive down side was the theater I was in must have had it’s equalizer way the fuck up & off kilter. Because all of the scenes the dialogue was drowned out by the score, so much so that it was hard to hear/understand numerous characters voices. Strangely enough, bane was not one of them. (If you’re a reader of Comics & have not seen the flick, scroll past the next paragraph) !~\POSSIBLE SPOILER/~! V The Joseph Gordon-Levitt character both angers & perplexes me. And his real name felt like a pandering shot in the Junk. Just call him D*** G*****. Also I really Got a Nerdy charge out of seeing Scarecrow again. And the throw away “crocodiles in the sewers” line, set my mind a blaze. Croc would have been cool to see, but would be hard-ish in the Nolan-verse. Unless you go the Goyer Gotham Knight route. But let’s hope he pops up in the ReBoot.
    !~\END SPOILER/~!

    But as I’ve said with all the Nolan bat-films, they are masterful films, that just so happened to have Batman characters in them. I dug the dark knight rises, but I’m still waiting for a real, to the ‘T’ comic book movie featuring our Delightfully Dark Detective, On par with what the boys over at Rocksteady did for video games with the Arkham series. Bottom line, it’s long, beautiful, and has some really cool shit in it to pleasure your Eyes. So go see it, use your eyes to relieve your anticipation induced Nerd Boners ( I did) & get your batman fix.

  3. this is Sooooooo Cool !

    Justice League FanMade Trailer


  4. Did ya hear that???


    That was Awesome being conceived 

  5. (New Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises)


    Cool cool cool

  6. i know it wont get used, But its Sooooooooo Cooooll.

    Takes the best of Timm/Dini Animated Series & alittle Elfman/Burton and makes it an amazing Alt.opening Credit sequence. 

  7. Here’s to another awesome year to be a comic book Nerd


    The Dark Knight Rises - Official Teaser Trailer #2 (by MrTrailerWork)


  9. The Dark Knight Rises Prologue  

    Ok, so I saw a very grainy cell phone version of TDKR Prologue.

    And from what I could make out, I liked.

    only gripes(For Now):
    i hope bane gets bigger & that they keep playing on the “Brilliant Tactician” aspect of the character.
    other than that i dug it.
    as far as I’m concerned 
    Bane’s Incomprehensible voice = Bronson + Vader.

    But i dug his voice, had a odd Eastern European? accent.
    i under stood most of what he said, there was a few things here and there that it took me a couple viewings to understand.

    but nevertheless,
    i am in fact Excited, like most Batman fans, maybe not as much as the die hard Nolanites, but still excited.

    so WB can rest easy, that even without the release of a second trailer, the mass consensus of their movie is “Holy Shit!” & "Can’t Wait".