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    4 and a half years difference, I finally recognise myself in the mirror.
    Age 18 at my mum’s wedding in may 2010, a tough day having to wear a dress and attempt to look comfortable in it, but i got to change into a shirt and jeans after the ceremony/photos, the family had a great day so i couldn’t complain xD and then now at 2 years on testosterone and about 3 years after “coming out”.

    the most gorgeous eyes EVER.

    damn son, kiled it.

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    When she see tha D

    When You see her see the D

    omg cant not reblog this

    When the D could’ve been better


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    just in time for HALLOWEENTOBER, a papercraft Lemarchand’s box created by Destro2k

    click through and grab the template to make one for yourself…you know, for whenever you need a quick portal to NIGHTMARETOWN

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    Crimson Peak will be released next year.. So October 2015

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    Jean Grey by Frank Quitely, Tim Townsend 

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    «Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories»

    «Harley Quinn» #14 Flash Variant (January 2015)

    cover art by Bruce Timm

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     Chris Bachalo gallery

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    Justice League - Bruce Timm

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