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    S  H  A  A  K    T  I 

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    "A Pair of Star-Cross’d Lovers…"

    Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2011. Hyatt Regency: Atrium Tower Lobby.

    Cosplay by the Extra-Ordinary *Kearstin Nicholson & Mike Prost*!

    A couple of my favorite people :)


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    do you ever hate someone so much but you don’t even have a valid reason

    you’re just like


    And then they give you a reason and its like


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    The Legend






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  9. "Stan Lee, 1968:
    ” … And we talk it out. Lately, I’ve had Roy Thomas come in, and he sits and makes notes while we discuss it. Then he types them up which gives us a written synopsis. Originally-I have a little tape recorder-I had tried taping it, but then I found no one on staff has time to listen to the tape again later. But this way he makes notes, types it quickly, I get a carbon, the artist gets a carbon…so we don’t have to worry that we’ll forget what we’ve said. Then the artist goes home…or wherever he goes…and he draws the thing out, brings it back, and I put the copy in after he’s drawn the story based on the plot I’ve given him. Now this varies with the different artists. Some artists, of course, need a more detailed plot than others. Some artists, such as Jack Kirby, need no plot at all. I mean I’ll just say to Jack, ‘Let’s make the next villain be Dr. Doom’… or I may not even say that. He may tell me. And then he goes home and does it. He’s good at plots. I’m sure he’s a thousand times better than I. He just about makes up the plots for these stories. All I do is a little editing… I may tell him he’s gone too far in one direction or another. Of course, occasionally I’ll give him a plot, but we’re practically both the writers on the things. “"

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    Sandcrawler concept art by Joe Johnston

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